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What is it for?

The TRP Members CD's is only for members of TRP. Plz when you receive this CD do not pass it our to non TRP members. This is kind of an expensive thing to do. So if you loose your CD then we will be forced to request a fee for the lost CD. Just Kidding!! However these CD's are not going to be cheap to make. Especially when you have a clan with over 30 members it. 


How can I get it?

Just email me @ make sure that you put the subject as Sign TRP CD. Also include your address, so that we can mail it out to you when we have completed the CD. :)


What's going to be in it...

So far it includes all TA patches and some important programs for TA like the TA demo recorder ver.96. There will be a more in depth list posted on the web site. The CD will also include important patches for windows like Directx 7 It will also be able to start TA from the TRP CD so if you have misplaced your TA multiplayer CD you can just pop that CD in and it will allow you to play skirmish or online :) There will be discussion on the message board about this if you would like to talk about what else will be put on the page.


When will the CD be completed?

We hope to have it out at the beginning of January. Kinda like a b-lated x-mas gift to all TRP members. The CD will be released once or twice a year. Maybe more if needed. 


What's the story behind the CD?

Well one day Omegas_1 and rMaximus where hanging out at rMax's house when rMax's dad brought home a new computer!! It was a PIII 600. However since then he has traded it in for a PIII 733. Anyways, with the new computer rMax now had two CD-writers. Which means, lets use them!!! So we decided to make a CD to send out to all members. A CD that would include DEMOS, MAPS, TA PATCHES, IMPORTANT WINDOWS PATCHES, and MORE... However, this may become to be a bigger undertaking than we can handle. So we need to get organized!!


How can we do this!

We need our members help!! Plz visit the web site more so that you can see the progress of the CD and what is being done to it. We will be able to accept request for programs that should be included in the CD. So make sure you show your support!! :)