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ViRaL's Demos!!



Great place to find demos

Clean Install!!

Make Sure that when you record a game that you have a clean install meaning: TA, TACC, TABT if you have it, then 3.1 patch, then nonintelupdate patch if you have a non Intel computer like AMD, then All the New Cavedog Units, Flea, Scarab, Hedgehog, and Plasma Tower etc. then TA Demo Recorder. That is a clean install and in that order!!



Teams FFA Cheaters Hall of Fame FAQ's Upload


We have two more reviews up in the Teams section, also I must say that Viral has made a quota of only 2 demos per day, that is what he wants to do. I will ask him if he wants more help but he has always been one of those stuburn people 8-P Peace Out!! May 2, 2000 **Vaxon**

We have two more reviews up in the 1v1 section, I might say that ViRaL is kinda harsh as he reviews the demos. His Criticism needs a little rewording however his frankness is kind of humorous lol. If anyone get offended by a review of their demos please email me and your comments will be posted along with the review :) May 2, 2000 **Vaxon**

Well, the demos section is fully up and running, I hope that you will enjoy Virals reviews and if you want to become a staff member editing demos here then Plz email viral here. There are 1 new demo in the Teams Section and one new demo in the 1v1 Section and one in the FFA section. Go ahead and check them out if you like. Also you can tell us what you think on the message board  April 29, 2000 **Vaxon**


Did You Know!!

If you get tired of seeing that Yankspankers loading screen, you can delete the file called tademo.ufo from you totala folder and you will not see that goofy loading screen by the SY clan ever again!!