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Keyboard Commands

Select a unit then press the letter according to what you want it to do, if you learn these commands it can be the deciding factor between the winner and looser!!

A Attack + Speed up the game
B Build - Slow down the game
C Capture ~ Show unit health (Toggle)
D D-gun SPACE Show how many units you have
E Reclaim F1 Unit Info
G Guard F2 Options menu
H Share Resources F3 Go to unit that last reported to you
L Load Unit F4 Shows score
M Move F5-7 Jump to bookmark
N Next unit F12 Clears the screen of messages
O Orders SHIFT Does many GOOD things, RTFM
P Patrol 1-9 Select squad (requires +switchalt)
R Repair
S Stop
T Track
U Unload Unit

Selects various groups of units!!

Control Shortcuts
CTRL A Selects all units, including the Commander.
CTRL B Select all construction units except the Commander.
CTRL C Centers the screen on the Commander and selects him.
CTRL D Self-destruct the selected units. Press again to cancel.
CTRL P Select all aircraft with weapons. (New in version 3.0)
CTRL R Select all radar, radar jammers, sonar and sonar jammers. (New in version 3.0)
CTRL S Selects everything on the screen.
CTRL V Select all aircraft.
CTRL W Select all mobile units with weapons except Commander. (New in version 3.0)
CTRL Z Select all units of the currently selected type.
CTRL 1-9 Creates a squad.
CTRL F5-7 Creates a map bookmark.

Very Helpful During Team Games!!

"Talk" Commands
+contour# Displays a 3D contour, # = 1-15.
+switchalt Allows you to switch between squads with only the number keys.
+shootall Changes units targeting behavior. (New in version 2.0b1)
+shareenergy Shares energy with your allies. (New in version 3.0)
+sharemetal Shares metal with your allies. (New in version 3.0)
+sharemapping Shares map information with your allies. (New in version 3.0)
+setshareenergy # Shares energy while keeping # amount for yourself. (New in version 3.0)
+setsharemetal # Shares metal while keeping # amount for yourself. (New in version 3.0)

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