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The Site's Up!!

Well our site has been down for a while now. I deleted our other web spaces so I have been questioning whether or not to upload to tripod again. It always seems to happen, that when i do something like this the other site is working again the next day. :(  All that work for nothing!!!  


Anyways on to the meat! Well if you have not noticed the members section has taken a new look. If your info is not on there or it is wrong plz email me. Don't send me a message at the zone and expect me to change it right then. I only have time to work on this site during certain parts of the day. Like none j/k hehe 8-P


The Rangers Clan would like to have a tournament with us. However I need to tell them that if they want me to be able to update our site with updates on the tournament. Then we will have to wait until after I am out of school. I have finals week coming up. Plus I have 4 reports to do, four pages each. I will be busy for this whole week!!! that mean no playing TA :( 


Our demo section is not working. The demo recorder I hope to upload tonight. As soon as I can. all other downloads should be working. If you have any problems with the site email me, and I will try to fix it as soon as possible. -TRP_Omegas_1




Demo Recorder!!

The new demo recorder is now now out. Here is the latest version of the TA Demo Recorder. If you have questions, please consult the excellent documentation which can be downloaded here.


Download version 0.96 here
tademo96.exe (861k)


Please read the read me file!! -TRP_Omegas_1




Ok the strategies section should be about done so head on over there and check it out. Um I should have the Tourney section done by now to. If you have any comments about the new look of the page, or you would like to request a few changes about the page plz by all means talk about it on the message board. Also I want you to email me your news if you have any so that I can put it here on the news page. -TRP_Omegas_1




Fixed Pages!!

Ok we are coming along here very well I have put up the members sections!!! Remember you don't have to have all that info on our web page to be in the clan. Its just if you would like to. Plus in about a week or so the members section will have a pass on it anyways :P So don't get your panties in a wad when you see that I have posted important info!! Yeah the Strategies Section is not up yet I know :( -TRP_Omegas_1



New Site!!

You didn't know I was working on a new web site did you!! Some of the reasons I waned to redo the site is because it was very dark and scary looking. Eww!!  Also I wanted to make it look more like the Zone! I Figure if I make it look like the zone then you might start coming here and using the web site to get the zone. I think some of you may think that it looks a bit like the SY Clans web page now but that's ok cuz I have been wanting to make us look like this for a while and then one day go to there web page and boom it looks like that. Yeah I know that this site does not have near as good the graphics as the other page but it was starting to become a very slow loading page due to the huge amounts of pictures it had on it. Plus I wanted some originally!!

give me your comments on the message board -TRP_Omegas_1